Narmbool Solar Energy System Launch

Solar Energy Learning at Narmbool

Today, the Hon Martin Dixon (Minister of Education) visited Narmbool Lodge to officially launch the Solar Energy System installed late last year.  We also had a number of important guests for the launch, including  – Jeremy Johnson (CEO of Sovereign Hill), Steve Coltman (President of the Sovereign Hill Board) and Robin Ferry (Benefactor).   Gordon Primary School year 5 and 6 students worked hard to demonstrate effectively how the system will be used in our education programs.


The Minister for Education and Gordon PS students launch the Solar Energy System

The installation of the Solar Energy System has been an exciting venture for us.  The system now provides all the electricity needs of the Narmbool Lodge and it will be a great tool to support our sustainability learning modules.

We have joined the school energy monitoring program, which means anyone can view our energy data online.  If you are coming to Narmbool on camp you can monitor the data and utilise it as part of your preparation or post-visit follow up. also has a number of resources for teachers available on their website.

One response to “Narmbool Solar Energy System Launch

  1. Minister Dixon spoke glowingly of his impressions of Narmbool and the wonderful landscape, and of the team working with the students. We had students from Gordon Primary School doing our Sustainability Quest module which gets students thinking aboutht e aspects of building and environment and what is renewable, what might be used better, what is not renewable and if there are better ways to look at achieving sustainability. There is so much to offer in our programs and especially for schools thinking about the ResourceSmart AuSSI accreditation program to get a whole-of-school focus on sustainable living.

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