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Background Information

Narmbool is a rural property that offers Environmental Education Camps to Middle Years Students.

Students explore the magnificent bushland and pastures that make Narmbool a popular choice for school camps with a focus on environmental science. A highly creative program blends science and the Arts with a big measure of fun. Students discover life’s diversity in the bush and then make their own unique responses to their Narmbool experience. The overall aim of the program is to equip students with the skills to articulate a view about the importance of sustainability and protecting diversity.

By visiting and examining some biodiversity hot spots across the property, students learn about healthy habitats, how all things are connected in ecosystems, and the impact of human decisions in maintaining a healthy environmental balance. Indigenous perspectives on the land and its significance further enrich the experience.

Having recorded their observations and collected samples, students return to Narmbool Lodge where they make use of the Environmental Learning Centre which is fully equipped with optical and video microscopes, biological collections, computers, internet access, digital cameras and software for student presentations. They may also use the Arts Centre to shape creative responses and make presentations to the larger group.

Narmbool Environmental Discovery programs are designed by Sovereign Hill’s Education Officers, who are qualified teachers,  to cater for middle years students. Students learn or enhance a variety of skills, including bushwalking, orienteering, navigation, animal and plant identification, tracking and water quality testing. Outcomes are wide-ranging, and are linked to VELS.

Our Education Officers conduct the programs, working with visiting teachers to ensure the best curriculum and personal outcomes for every student. You can choose from a number of modules to tailor a Narmbool program suited to your class’s needs and interests.

A Narmbool camp is a great learning experience in a beautiful place – and it’s great fun too!

Link to the main Narmbool site.

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