Resources for a visit to Sovereign Hill

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The Industrial revolution comes to Ballarat – After watching a short video and attending an education session, students are challenged to search Sovereign Hill to find and photograph evidence of the impact of the Industrial Revolution in Ballarat. Back at school, they annotate their photographs to analyse the impact and draw conclusions about whether the Industrial Revolution had a positive or negative outcome.

Choose your own adventure – Students choose a project from Multiple Intelligences / Blooms grid to research while at Sovereign Hill.

Interpreting History at Sovereign Hill – Students develop a movie, Powerpoint, model, soundscape or other presentation in response to a theme of their choice. Sovereign Hill is used as both a research and a presentation tool.

Picture This! – A self-directed learning program that develops students’ skills at forming an argument using evidence with the aid of digital cameras.

Rush Around the Hill – a fun self-directed program where students compete in teams to find clues and complete tasks.

Creswick Mining Disaster – use this collection of online resources to engage students in challenges faced by mining, disaster responses and real-life stories. Follow the link to view the resources.

Resources and books for teaching Australian History

Research Notes – our site holds a collection of research notes that can be given to students to provide them with some background information about Victorian History.

Download a list of resources about Eureka

Download a list of resources about Immigration

Download a list of resources about Studies of China

See our post about the book Bridie’s Fire

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