Primary (Upper)

Resources for a visit to Sovereign Hill

Click on the title to download the PDF:

Choose your own adventure – a resource to use for self-directed learning whilst at Sovereign Hill.  Students choose a project from Multiple Intelligences / Blooms grid to research.

Immigration – this extensive resource kit provides information about pre- and post-visit activities and resources.  Many of the activities could be used without a visit.

Constructing the past – a resource to assist teachers to integrate Design, Communication & Technology into studies about the gold rushes.

Sovereign Hill Snapshots – a self-directed learning program that encourages students to explore goldfields life using their digital camera.

Resources and books for teaching Australian History

Research Notes – our site holds a collection of research notes that can be given to students to provide them with some background information about Victorian History.

A list of resources about Eureka

A list of resources about Immigration

A list of resources about Studies of China

See our post about the book Bridie’s Fire

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