Video Library

This is an archive of the videos created by Sovereign Hill Education. We are transferring all of our video files to this page from our old website. This is an ongoing project, so return periodically to see what we have uploaded. if you are unable to find a video previously on the website, email us and we will upload it here for you.

Arts and Entertainment

An Audience with Lola Montez

This video portrays a mock interview with Lola Montez, performed on the stage of the Victoria Theatre, Sovereign Hill.

Songs of the Goldfields

Terence Fitzsimons, Honorary Musicologist of Sovereign Hill talks about the music of the goldfields and sings some of the songs from this era.

Teaching and Learning

How to pan for gold

Digger Mat shows us how to pan for gold in Sovereign Hill’s creek.

The Industrial Revolution comes to Australia

Sovereign Hill’s Historian and Education Officers talking about the changes brought about by the Industrial Revolution in Australia.

Understanding the Industrial revolution

Peter Evans, one of our Steam Operations men, talks about the coming of the Industrial Revolution.

A great place to visit

History is a great place to visit, but you wouldn’t want to live there. Or, what’s missing from Sovereign Hill?

Teddy’s visit to Sovereign Hill

Students bring their own or a class teddy and photograph Teddy’s adventure at Sovereign Hill.

Social Stories

These videos were created to help people on the Autistic spectrum to comfortably engage with Sovereign Hill.

Trooper fires his Musket

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