Videos to use in the classroom

Sovereign Hill have developed the following videos that you can use in the classroom.

How to pan for gold – with Digger Mat

A great place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there

Woman of the Hill series

One of our intrepid volunteers lived in a cottage at Sovereign Hill to experience life in the Gold Rush first hand. Here are the videos we made of her experience:

The Industrial Revolution in Australia:

2 responses to “Videos

  1. I have found it really difficult to find resources for middle primary students about the Gold Rush… All see to be for the upper primary. History is now part of the Australian curriculum and not much for the middle primary students to access… This recent post is great..

    • Hi Sue, Thanks for your feedback. We are certainly keen to support teachers of all stages with resources for Australian History. What sort of resources would you find most useful? Are you going to be looking at gold specifically? – Stephanie

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