About Sovereign Hill Education

Sovereign Hill Education is the team who books your excursions and delivers hands-on sessions, resources and activities for students and teachers visiting Sovereign Hill and Narmbool.


We are: Scott, Kath, Karen, Damon, Michaela, Zeta, Peter (back row), Brett, Annemarie, Alice and Mathew (front row).

Sovereign Hill Education is committed to providing the most meaningful excursion or camp experience for visiting students and teachers.  We develop resources and programs that support the teaching and learning of Australian History, Biodiversity and Sustainability.

This blog is for students, teachers and anyone interested in learning about Australian History, particularly regarding the Victorian Gold Rush era. We blog about 1850’s people, lifestyles and events.  We also talk about teaching and learning, excursion planning and online resources.

We discuss Biodiversity and Sustainability in our blog posts from Narmbool which you can view in Narmbool News.

Sovereign Hill Education Homepage: http://education.sovereignhill.com.au/

One response to “About

  1. Jasmine Shannon

    Hi Peter,
    Thanks for your comment on my school blog. It is great to connect with your blog and see the wealth of resources your team is providing teachers! My school is on a cattle station, 2 hrs from Darwin. You can find us at our blog http://jasmineshannon.edublogs.org/ We would love to learn more from you.

    Kind Regards,
    Jasmine Shannon
    Teaching Principal

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