Books for Teaching History: The Night We Made the Flag

The Night We Made the Flag: A Eureka Story

Carole Wilkinson

The Night We Made the Flag by author Carole Wilkinson is a historically based story about the night the Eureka flag was made on the Ballarat goldfields. It is beautifully illustrated by Sebastian Ciaffaglone. The book has lovely end covers depicting the Southern Cross in the night sky, like the constellation that inspired the design of the flag.

The story illustrations help to depict the nervousness and secrecy the women must have felt when they faced this brave task of sewing a large flag to represent the diggers’ fight for justice. The colours used reflect the mood of the story helping to recreate the importance and tension of the night. Cool colours for night and the warm glowing colours used for inside and secret sewing, young children will get the feeling of being there in amongst the action. Those children in lower primary classes could have a go at making the eight pointed stars for the flag as described in the book.

The story is told by a young girl, Mary who makes a considerable contribution to the making of the flag. The story concludes with the raising of the flag on Bakery Hill where thousands of diggers gathered to protest just a few days before the Eureka Stockade.

Every page is in full colour with something for young children of 5 years up to 12 years. Those students in upper primary could research the facts behind the Eureka flag and the diggers’ battle against high license fees.  They can start with our Research Notes (PDF) and audio library.  There is also great information at the Public Records Office site Eureka on Trial and the website of The Eureka Centre.

Carole Wilkinson’s website has information about the book including Teachers Notes (PDF) and a Bibliography.

Of course if you are in Ballarat there are many things to see and do here that retell the story infamous Eureka Rebellion.  You can visit us here at Sovereign Hill and book your students into our Education Session Put Yourself in the Eureka Story and see our Sound and Light Show Blood on the Southern Cross.  You can also see the real flag in person at the Art Gallery of Ballarat!


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