Books for Teaching Biodiversity – Australian Geographic

Australian Geographic Magazine

Australian-Geographic-Books-for-teaching-biodiversityThe Australian Geographic is a great resource for explaining Australian landscapes, plants, animals, industry and people to students and teachers wishing to develop their content knowledge. This magazine-style journal contains a poster in each edition as well as high quality photographs, excellent maps from award-winning mapmakers and detailed technical illustrations.  All of which are useful visual resources for in any school classroom, especially when it comes to explaining the science behind particular concepts.

To satisfying enquiring minds, each Australian Geographic now also runs a frequently updated and freely accessible online news service with a wide range of articles, features, image galleries and blogs available.  Australia Geographic also has a collection of products designed specifically for education audiences that are curriculum linked and include resources for Interactive White Boards.

Each year, six editions of the magazine are published and they are available by subscription or at newsagents.  A set of 6 issues cost $59.95.  The education products range in price based on the number of copies ordered.


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