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Books for Teaching Biodiversity – Australian Geographic

Australian Geographic Magazine

Australian-Geographic-Books-for-teaching-biodiversityThe Australian Geographic is a great resource for explaining Australian landscapes, plants, animals, industry and people to students and teachers wishing to develop their content knowledge. This magazine-style journal contains a poster in each edition as well as high quality photographs, excellent maps from award-winning mapmakers and detailed technical illustrations.  All of which are useful visual resources for in any school classroom, especially when it comes to explaining the science behind particular concepts.

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Books for Teaching Biodiversity – Wild Australia Guides

A Wild Australia Guide – Steve Parish PUblishing

steve-parish-wild-australia-guide-beetleSteve Parish’s A Wild Australia Guide series of books cover a range of Australian wildlife from birds and butterflies to mammals and moths. Written by a variety of expert authors it contains a range of information including identification, habitat, behaviour and diet. There are 20 guides with a recommended retail price of $14.95, however most school libraries stock at least some of the titles.  The photography titles are also available as PDF ebooks.

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Narmbool Solar Energy System Launch

Solar Energy Learning at Narmbool

Today, the Hon Martin Dixon (Minister of Education) visited Narmbool Lodge to officially launch the Solar Energy System installed late last year.  We also had a number of important guests for the launch, including  – Jeremy Johnson (CEO of Sovereign Hill), Steve Coltman (President of the Sovereign Hill Board) and Robin Ferry (Benefactor).   Gordon Primary School year 5 and 6 students worked hard to demonstrate effectively how the system will be used in our education programs.

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