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Visit a cemetery and discover the past

Image by Sunday’s Child

Stuck for a great local history excursion?  Historic cemeteries offer inquirers a number of insights into life in the past.

The key to a good cemetery excursion is providing the students with an investigative purpose or question.  Visiting a cemetery without a purpose would be akin to browsing a database for leisure reading.  However, with the right questions, a cemetery visit can provide students with opportunities to form their own understanding of key ideas such as demographics, social tensions, wealth and health.

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How do you choose the right time for a school excursion?

It would be great to head out for your school excursion right at the moment when the students start asking questions, wondering, imaging and looking for inspiration.  Unfortunately that’s rarely possible.  You may have to book excursions well in advance, the venue may be booked out on the date you want or your dates may clash with school sport/theatre/assembly.

If you can’t time your excursion as you’d like, change your excursion to suit the timing!  By altering the intentions and content of your excursion you can make sure it is relevant or useful no matter where it sits in the scheme of your topic or unit.  Below are some of our suggestions on how you might match your excursion to the time you’ve got:

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